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At DBIA Consulting, we have extensive experience in Data Warehouse (DWH), Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics projects with management experience at strategic and operational levels. We can provide expert knowledge in analysing and producing critical data for business, management and software applications. Our dedicated client service orientation and strong problem-solving skills will be your way to success.


For analytical purposes, the time required to produce a deliverable is estimated using several techniques. One method is to identify tasks needed to produce the deliverables documented in a work breakdown structure.


The development of an approximate project cost depends on several variables including: resources, skills, work packages such as labor rates and mitigating or controlling influencing factors that create cost variances.


Requirements specified to achieve the end result. The overall definition of what the project is supposed to accomplish, and a specific description of what the end result should be or accomplish.


The quality of work is constrained by the project's time, cost and scope. The project manager can trade between constraints. Changes in one constraint necessitate changes in others to compensate or quality will suffer.


About DBIA Consulting

Working in the Business Intelligence sector for more than thirteen years we have great business experience and technical skills around Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics (DBIA). With our strong technical background in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Development we understand the languages of your team and we still enjoying technical discussions with developers on the same level. Our team has worked around the world in with a clear focus on Europe, India, New Zealand and Canada. 

We feel that this understanding and our experience in large scale BI and Data Warehouse Systems for leading companies like Capgemini, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) and world class Universities contributed significantly to our success here in Canada. 


We managed your ways.

At DBIA Consulting we have focused now on managing Data, BI and Analytics Projects and Programmes. Our daily work involves a never ending and always changing long to-do list, which we prioritise daily based on risk, issues, feedback and information from different stakeholders. We are used to work in a fast-changing environment and to deliver to urgent requests or tight deadlines.

Data Analytics

With Analytics we help you to discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in data. We have expert knowledge and experience with the following Data Analytic Solutions.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Fully managed serverless approach

Google Cloud Platform includes a fully managed, proven, end-to-end data analytics solution. It removes operational complexities of data analytics by using a serverless approach which makes business decisions fast and efficient.

Power BI

Power BI

Report Server & Cloud Services

The Power BI platform is a analytics solution that lets you visualize data and share across your organization. You can connect hundreds of data sources and and streams in live dashboards and reports.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics

Enterprise data warehouse and Big Data analytics

Azure Synapse is an analytics service that combines enterprise data warehouse and Big Data analytics. With a unified experience to load, prepare, manage, and publish data for immediate BI and machine learning needs.

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